Falltide is a weekly newsletter written by Dmitry Fadeyev. I focus on timeless ideas—ideas that can help us think deeper and act more effectively. I write about the things I want to better understand, learning from the world's greatest achievers and thinkers across the spheres of business, strategy, art and philosophy. My goal for Falltide is threefold: every post must either give the reader new eyes through which to see the world, arm them with mental models to help them achieve their goals, or tell stories that inspire them to action.


The website is custom designed by me and is powered by Jekyll, a static site generator. The text is set in Equity by Matthew Butterick, an excellent, higly readable reinterpretation of Ehrhardt. The headlines are set in Goudy National by Matteson Typographics, a revival of Frederic Goudy's National Old Style Roman.